iAugmentor dovetails its AI-based learning platform seamlessly with an assessment engine to carry out large-scale assessment programs that can provide the foundation for organizations to:
  • Gauge Employability
  • Do Focused Hiring
  • Carry Out Compliance Related Screening
  • Promote Employees
  • Identify Competency Gaps
  • Certify Threshold for Skill Training Programs
  • Identify Behaviors and Attitudes that Need Focused Correction or Development for Career Progression
We Help
Corporates and institutions use insights from our assessments, to make precise hiring decisions from large-scale campus-hiring efforts.
Quantify hard-skills to act as a threshold for future learning, project placement and career progression decisions.
Educational institutions measure and improve employability of their students.
Skilling entities to measure training partner effectiveness from how much the needle has moved for each trainee.
Coaching institutes to help students assess their learning progression through intermittent subject-specific assessments
Our Repertoire of Assessments
psychometric assessments
Psychometric Assessments
Skill-Gap assessments
Skill-Gap Assessments
Techincal assessments
Techincal Assessments
Gamified assessments
Gamified Assessments
Proctored assessments
Proctored Assessments
assess engage hire
Assess Engage Hire
work place simulations
Work Place Simulations
We offer a rich suite of assessments that are used to filter candidates for behaviours, attitudes, skill-gaps, compliance related screening, or domain specific skills. Our assessments have been helping organizations recruit the right type of candidate. These tests also provide valuable interview inputs to organizations thereby helping them reduce interview cost and effort.
Our Assessments seamlessly blend into our learning programs, and are presented as addictive games, simulations.